Help you bring your website on top of the google.

1)SEO optimizer

 Is an analyzer and complete analysis of your website. Log on www.    Submit your Url, as you submit you shall detail report on your website performance with respect to your search result performance.

For example when you google something usually see title and meta description. Seo optimized tell you how good title and meta tag.

seo optimiser

How consistently you have been using that keyword how many backlinks you hold also gives your domain authority score and tells your website for you and not to forget also does a responsive website to see a tablet, website, laptop or even mobile phone.


2) Google keyword planner

 This is a product of Google that helps you discover the search volume of keywords it also tells you how competitive those keywords are. Search volume can help you the side some of the most popular keywords for your next blog post.

keyword planner

You have to log out google keyword planner typing your keywords choose a location and instill give you suggestion of all the keywords of those search volume up there.



You are letting short of your ideas want to get an exotic list at one place Login to keywords tool io enter your keywords and you get ideas of keywords.


Pick your keywords and draw the title blog post around it that will actually help you do a smart SEO strategy in your blog’s website on.


4) Yoast SEO

The four tool recommended for you is the Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress. This makes a lot easier for your blog or WordPress page website.

The both paid and free version you can use of them, every time you publish it will tell you how SEO friendly it’s your article and give you a label of SEO status so this will actually help you in dividing seo lot better every blog post up there.

yoast seo

With Yoast SEO plugin you can add title tag meta tag meta description add your feature image this could be totally different than you actually type just for design SEO strategy alone in also add completely different facebook title for your post.

Using the Yoast SEO plugin so this makes a  Facebook title a lot of interesting and you can bring a lot more traffic. To get a maximum result to your blog post-Yoast SEO is best every single time of your post.

5) Google search console

The fifth important tool which as Google Search Console.

With Google search console every single time you upload a single blog post its generate an XML sitemap you can integrate your Yoast SEO with google search console.


It can figure out how many impression you have got, how many clicks what are the average clicks on search result which keywords a lot of impressions or which have been performing best keywords on tour site.

Good page helps you rank on google without having to build a single backlink so ensure the on-page absolutely perfect.


6) Google trends

Let’s take an example where there is two brands Dominos and Pizza Hut both sell pizza they have been using same set keywords, backlink, so what would google put on top so Google put on top those websites which is more popular.


When people are searching for a particular brand this actually impacts your SEO strategy as for that when there are more popularity artificial intelligence basically recommend google,

so please ensure you use google trend compare those particular keywords or the brands start understanding popularity, strength by using google trend.


7) Google page speed insight

 Many fee SEO tool would tell you about the speed but which blog they wouldn’t tell you what exactly the problem is.

Google page speed insight give you all the minor detail you can face ensure your blog page. Which is very important for SEO.



8) Copyscape

 Google hate plagiarism is copy paste my content on your blog Google will not like it.


Copyscape can help you check every link on your site. Or content has been taken from any specific site it gets a mention to write therefore that you can use Copyscape for your plagiarism check content which has already been published on your site.


9) Moz bar

You can integrate this tool with your browser and its start searching on google the result will come along domain and page authority score.


A number of backlinks decide who just for you quick understanding. Where is the competition on the relevant website on google? Just on one page, you can compare so many sites with this extension which is called SEO Moz bar.


Hence these are nine free effective tools  for your SEO practices

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