A landing page is a web page with a single focused call to action either a sign-up form or a button.

What  is a Landing page 

landing page

If you convert visitor in landing page so you have determined various of option for drive traffic through a page.

For that include option like contest and coupon are also great types of landing pages visitors these pages generally arrive there after clicking on Google or Facebook ad or in a link in a Google search results page and one of the most important aspects of the landing page,

is that has no top bar navigation links meant to limit options available to your visitors and helping them guide towards the intended called the action?

landing page

The contest is a great way to get new facebook likes twitter follower, traffic

to your website and leads by incentivizing with a prize. There are many different types the contest for the most basic random draw like facebook sweepstakes or to highly involved video contest that has a panel of judges choosing the winner

This makes it almost impossible for you to turn those leads into customers.

 Benefit of Landing page

  1. Ad relevance

  2. Avoid distraction            

  3. Increased conversion


The landing page is very crucial in a campaign, landing page is a good enough initiative start without even having a website in pleased.

There is a tool in option which allows building landing page when you have a landing page you are more likely to create a landing page in order to convert a potential customer into leads.



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