Alibaug beach :

Alibag is a coastal town, Locate 2 km away from the city.   The beach is most popular in tourist attraction on easily  accessible by  local transport from anywhere  in city in a category of beaches or sight   of   fort  Colaba providing perfect view  Arabian sea is  the shores of  this  beach which  sometimes run 4kmstretch. 


A Short boat ride or sightseeing opportunities help you exploring sight of many skirmishes beaches in history. This beach is another namesake is Alibaug coast. This beach always busies by their amongst locals as well as tourists and also neat and clean coastline. While with beaches you can also visit the Ganpati Temple.

Juhu Beach Mumbai:

The one on city heart beach Juhu is located in 18km away to the north city in Bombay. This famous beach is situated in Suburbs of Mumbai also shores of Arabian Sea. There are three types of entrance in beach Ville Parle, Santacruz side and last is Andheri side you can enter it from anyone.

juhu beach

Many activities you can do here riding a horse, walk and enjoy with your friends, relaxing drawn a design of mehndi on your hands, purchasing a gift item.

juhu beach

At a time of festivals different kinds of fairs are held on Juhu beach there are available varieties of cuisines delights snacks like paani puri, aloo tikki, most famous local delight pav bhaji,  remember don’t miss out splendid sunset at Juhu beach.

Juhu beach is always highlights or famous for film shooting and nearby celebrity home

Revdanda Beach:

Revdanda Fort is located distance 17 km from Alibaug and around 5km from Korlai and is another name is Revdanda Agarkot. Agarkot was built by Portuguese Caption Soj in 1558 CE.


Revnanada beach is an isolated beach is situated near the fort. Sand is unique because is a black color.

Anjarle beach:

Anjarle beach is situated 23 km away from Dapoli and 152 km from Alibaug last 41 km from Harihareshwar.

anjarle beach

This is also one of most famous finest beach beautiful or unspoiled white sand beach in Konkan region of Maharashtra you can spend here super weekend getaway away from Mumbai.

This beach is located near the lagoon river Jog. You may use two Transportation like bus or cab.

 Girgaon Chowpatty :

Girgaon Chowpatty commonly known as Chaupati this one of famous beach and always attraction center point.


The beach is mostly crowded a time of Ganesh Visarjan thousands of devotees gather for celebrations all around the people are come here another popular festival held is here Ramlila.


You can find local snacks easily Bhelpuri, Panipuri, Radda patties and locals favorite Pav bhaji or else many things Everyday mostly in evening beach is crowded by local people or tourist Swimming is not advisable.

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