Paro Taktsang in Bhutan – The Tiger Nest Monastery

Its  surround peaceful beauty and clean air atmosphere, surrounded by unlevelled mountains, lush green fields It is here in the city, Tiger nest is stayed at prominent of Himalayan Buddist complex site, it is the most beautiful mountain historic town serene beauty peaceful atmosphere of nature surrounded by unveiled mountains, old historical temple Paro Taktsang […]

Top five beaches in Maharasthra

Alibaug beach : Alibag is a coastal town, Locate 2 km away from the city.   The beach is most popular in tourist attraction on easily  accessible by  local transport from anywhere  in city in a category of beaches or sight   of   fort  Colaba providing perfect view  Arabian sea is  the shores of  this  beach which  sometimes […]

Delhi Heritage Museum or National science centre in Delhi city

In Delhi, National science centre was established in  January 1992, In a science centre is a science lover museum in Delhi, India.  National Council of Science Museums(NCSM) an autonomous body comes under India’s Ministry of Culture. This museum is one of the favorite places for the reason your children,  more knowledge about science from the science […]